Metro Gymnastics is proud to partner with our community to help organizations reach their goals.  We are currently working with Metro Family Magazine and our local non-profit Infant Crisis Services supplying them with diapers (preemie-size 6), baby wash and baby wipes.  Please read below for more information about ICS.  We will be collecting items until September 10th.

Local non-profit Infant Crisis Services reports one in four Oklahoma children struggle with hunger. But did you know three in four struggle with diaper need?

ICS helps provide families in need with necessities like diapers and formula. Parents of children age 4 and under can visit Infant Crisis Services a total of five times, each time receiving a package of essentials that includes a week’s worth of diapers.

Danielle Morgan, volunteer coordinator at ICS, said when parents living in poverty can’t afford diapers, they sometimes take drastic measures like washing off a diaper and reusing it or leaving the same diaper on for an entire day.

“I wish people would be more open with asking for help with diapers,” Morgan said. “It’s so important. I think a lot of the time they think if they can just make it through one more day it’s going to get better. But until you can get on top of it you’re not going to get very far.”

Diapers are not covered by federal assistance programs like WIC (Women, Infants and Children). So although diapers are still a necessity just like food, low-income parents often have to make difficult decisions about using diapers.

Besides obvious health issues like diaper rash and urinary tract infections, experts report diaper need can lead to serious issues like anxiety among parents that can even lead to child abuse.

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